Why Do Bubbles Form In The Epoxy Screed?

One of our suppliers advised us that at a recent trade show in Dubai he was surprised to hear from a lot of different visitors, from different countries, complaining that epoxy screeds form too many bubbles on the surface. What they were talking about was that once the screed cured it had bubbles which resulted in an unsightly looking surface littered with little holes that are very prone to picking up dirt resulting in a very unsatisfactory floor impression.

Laying Epoxy Floors Over Existing Tiles

It is often the case that a client wants to install an epoxy coating on a tiled floor. The standard (and often the best) approach is to remove the tiles, thoroughly clean the substrate underneath, repair and grout every crack, hole, and any other damage caused during the removal of the tiles before installing the new epoxy flooring coating on top.

What Exactly Is Epoxy Flooring?

Simply put, epoxy flooring is a flooring surface made up of multiple layers of epoxy and applied to a depth of at least two millimetres.  The depth of the epoxy determines the difference between an epoxy floor and an epoxy floor coating – anything less than two millimetres is considered an epoxy floor coating.  If you are looking for a floor that is strong, durable, easy to maintain and looks fantastic, then epoxy flooring may be the perfect solution for you.

Coating New Epoxy Over An Old Epoxy Floor

A regular question from both DIY’ers and flooring professionals is whether they can coat new epoxy over older coatings of epoxy. Logics tells us that it is possible as we basically want to bond two identical materials. However it is advisable to take some care so as to ensure the best possible result.

What The Heck Are Epoxies?

Epoxies are referred to as polymer materials which start out in a liquid form and then chemically converted to a solid polymer. The epoxy is chemically resistant to deterioration in its final solid form and extremely adhesive during the conversion process from liquid to solid. Additionally, with epoxies having extreme ‘mechanical’ strength, they are an ideal floor coating and protectant. All these combined properties and the availability of a wide range of the base epoxy chemicals from which a hardened epoxy system can be formulated, result in making them a very versatile product.

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