Cleaning and Maintenance of Epoxy Flooring

Understanding Epoxy Flooring and Ways of Cleaning It

There are many written articles trumpeting the virtues of epoxy flooring and how it is without doubt, the perfect flooring solution for those of us who are have been looking for a floor coating that is not only durable, but also looks good and minimal maintenance. But, even though it is minimal maintenance, there is very little said about how to clean epoxy flooring.

Sealing A Garage Floor

The floor of your garage is exposed to intense corrosion and deterioration due to road grime, oils and other auto fluids. Sealing your garage floor reduces dust and makes cleaning and sweeping easier plus of course, keeps your garage looking neat and tidy.

The Often Forgotten 'G-Floor'

Over the past years the garage has increasingly become an important extension of the house. More and more people remodel their garage giving it a new purpose, for example, transforming it into a home office, a workshop, a music studio and even adding a new room on top of it. If you are the type that needs to have a workshop in your garage and you also want to park your car inside it, you definitely have to install an epoxy flooring ‘G-Floor’.

Garage Floor Remodeling

The garage is a very important part of your house. It is not only the room where you keep your car but it can be used also as a storeroom and in many instances, an office.

In the garage you keep things that you do not use every day or things that you want to dispose of later on.

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